If you are interested in transition of your child to Square, send us a non-binding application, which you can find here.


When is the enrolment to the 1st grade?
The enrolments to the 1st grade will take place on April 4th, 5th and 6th, 2019 (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday). Eventual alternative date is April 25th, 2019.

What do we expect from children?
Since they are children, we expect everything from eagerness to little nervousness :) From us, you can expect peace, smile, pleasant atmosphere and enrolment that will entertain the children. In between, we will find out everything what we need without children noticing it. So you don’t need to be afraid of testing, stress or examination. We want the children to enjoy the time in Square so that they cannot wait for the their first school day.

What do we expect from you?
If you are interested in Square, please send us a non-binding application for study that can be found here. There you can choose your preferred day and time. We will send you a confirmation of the day and time of the enrolment and all necessary information in return.

What to take with you to the enrolment?
Definitely we will need documents – ID or passport (in case of foreigners) of one of the parents (or a legal representative), child’s birth certificate and the binding application form.

How long does the enrolment take; are parents present?
The enrolment takes about 1.5 hours and starts with a joint activity of children with parents for about 20 minutes. Further activities are enjoyed only by children and their teachers – both Czech and English.What are the criteria for enrolment?
When deciding about a child’s enrolment, we consider:
- school maturity – it means that the child will not only be able to pass the first grade, but he/she will also enjoy it
(verbal abilities, fine motor skills and graphomotorics, social and work readiness, orientation in time/space/numbers),
- the child is a pre-schooler from Bambíno,
- the pre-schooler is a sibling of a child or children attending Square,
- the enrolment form filing date before March 31, 2019 (earlier filed applications are preferred),
- permanent residence in Prague 4,
- interview with the parents,
- signing the agreement.

When will we learn if the child is admitted?
The list will be shown (also electronically), you will be informed, and finally we will elaborate a written decision on admission (so that you have it with a round stamp).