For whom is this day intended?
Experience Square is for current pupils of grades 1 to 7 who want to experience a better school.

Where is it possible to Experience Square and what is needed for registration?
Just send an e-mail to ahoj@skolasquare.cz. We will send details by return.

How the day looks like?
Identically as a common day in Square – we start at 8.30 AM with a morning circle, then we will immerse to some of the Worlds of Square in three educational units.
Of course, pupils will not miss their snack, lunch and relax breaks. The education finishes at 2 PM.

What to take with you?
Only a pencase and maybe slippers (so that children feel comfortable). Neither snack nor lunch is needed – this will be arranged by us.

Is it necessary that parents are present?
No. Just bring the children not later than 8.15 AM so that they have time to change their clothes and to find their place in the classroom without any stress. You can pick up the children at 2 PM. And meanwhile you can come and talk with us about Square.

Whats next?
At the pedagogic council we will consult thoroughly and will get back to you within a couple of days to find out how you liked it and to provide you with feedback from us. It might be the case that another school is the right one for you or that someone else is prioritised, but there is no reason not to experience Square!