I want to go to the school


Come to see us.

See Square for yourself! Use the opportunity to take a look at the school environment and ask teachers about everything you are interested in. You may spend a few minutes, hours or even the whole day with us. Please register for a specific time on the open door days. The open days will start in October 2024.


Training for entrance exams

Our courses are taught by qualified teachers, and your chance of successful passing of the tests in mathematics and the Czech language, i.e. the subjects you are often unnecessarily afraid of, will increase. The curriculum is according to the framework education plan of primary schools.

The courses will be held on the premises of the Primary school and secondary grammar school Square in Kloboučnická street to the end of March 2023. We offer 90-minute courses in mathematics and the Czech language that will be held each week except for school holidays. You can register for the courses from June 2022. The price of one course is CZK 8,000.

We are sorry but the courses for the school year 2022/2023 are already full.


Who can be admitted

The entrance exams have two parts – the state entrance exams in mathematics and the Czech language, and the school entrance exams.

The weight of the state entrance exams is 60% (the achieved points are multiplied by factor 0.6). The weight of the school entrance exams is 40 % (the achieved points are multiplied by factor 0.4).

The state entrance exams in the Czech language and mathematics:  You can achieve maximum 100 points.

  • Czech language and literature 50 points
  • mathematics also 50 points

School entrance exams: You can achieve maximum 100 points.

  • English language – written test 30 points
  • English language – oral interview 20 points
  • oral motivational interview 45 points
  • school certificates 5 points


Application to study at Square Grammar School (in CZ)

Instructions on how to complete the application form and information for applicants with special needs (in CZ)

Základní škola a gymnázium Square 
Kloboučnická 13, Praha 4 – Nusle