Uniqueness – preparation for life – inner motivation – (self) knowledge – flexibility – adaptability

And on these values, stands the educational program, teachers, children and also an environment of our school.

The educational program Annular rings (Letokruhy) is unique and has its own path to knowledge.
We support the uniqueness of each child, and that is why we work with their strengths and weaknesess.
We respect their dynamics, energy and working pace.
We give children space to get to know themselves, and by that, children can discover their strenghts and interests.
We teach children to learn and set their own goals.
We want children to find their own way and learn from their own mistakes.
We respect the uniqueness, and we teach children to respect others.
In other words, we prepare them for life right now and in the future.

Our teachers are observers and mediators of experience.
They are emphatic and they have a joy of exploring natural potential.
They can respond to different situations and changes, they open new views, they listen and work in a symbiosis with children, parents and other colleagues.

All of that in a creative and flexible environment open to opportunities of todays time.