We are Square.

A place for the most important people in the world.

An international primary
school that follows
the concept of successful
kindergartens and
a nursery Bambíno.

In square we teach mainly by experience. What we experience in a given moment and time we can use in the future because it will remain within us. We create a place where you and I work together and make us. There is no inside or outside of school, because when the lessons become enjoyable, there are no boundaries.

In this world we educate in our own way that is up-to-date and teaches us to explore and think. So we create a world capable of connecting small and big ones while developing both.

The price for a year
at our school is 130.000 Kč.

Find out more. In case you have
any more questions, contact us at

We know that
a good location is the key to success, which is why we chose a place within the wider city center
– in Prague’s Nusle.

It is worth
knowing us better.

Leave us your e-mail and we will send you all the information. In case you would like to hear from us, write your telephone number and we will call you.

Square School
+420 602 633 310

Svatoslavova 333/6,
140 00 Prague 4-Nusle

You can come and have a look
or sign up in Autumn 2017.
The first and second grades
will be opening on 3rd
September 2018.

We start with:

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