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Come to see us.

See Square for yourself – come to see us! You will see how the school looks like from inside, you will meet people who create it, you will ask about anything you are interested in, whether it is the educational programme concept or daily education. Naturally, the invitation applies also to your preschooler, neighbours’ children or friends. You may spend a few minutes, hours or even the whole day with us. From September, you will be able to register for a specific time here. Please select one of the following dates and times.

Choose the date of the Open Day
for your preschooler

3. 2. 2023 from 1 PM

3. 2. 2023 from 2 PM

18. 2. 2023 from 9 AM

18. 2. 2023 from 10 AM

18. 2. 2023 from 11 AM

18. 2. 2023 from 1 PM

18. 2. 2023 from 2 PM

22. 2. 2023 from 9 AM

22. 2. 2023 from 11 AM

22. 2. 2023 from 1 AM

22. 2. 2023 from 3 PM

1. 3. 2023 from 9 AM


Enrolment of your child to the 1st grade

Application for enrolment

Enrolments to the first grade will be in April 2023. In January 2023, a form for registration for specific days of enrolment will be open here.

If you are interested in enrolment of your child into the 1st grade in Square, please fill in the online form No-obligation application. We will then contact you well in advance with the offer of enrolment dates and more information. 

For the enrolment itself, we will also need the filled in and signed Application for enrolment of a child, downloadable as a PDF here.

No-obligation application

Application for enrolment of a child

What do we expect from children?

Since they are children, we expect everything from eagerness to little nervousness. From us, they can expect peace, smile, pleasant atmosphere and enrolment that will entertain them. In between, we will find out everything what we need without children noticing it. So you don’t need to be afraid of testing, stress or examination. We want the children to enjoy the time in Square so that they cannot wait for their first school day.

How many pupils do we enrol to the 1st grade?

Each class in Square has maximum 20 pupils. So we enrol 20 children to the 1st grade. In 2022, 120 applicants were registered for the enrolment.

What do you need for the enrolment?

Definitely we will need documents – ID or passport (in case of foreigners) of one of the legal guardians, and the child’s birth certificate. For the enrolment, we will also need the filled in Application for enrolment of a child – downloadable HERE (or above on this page). 

What are the criteria for admission?

When deciding about a child’s admission, we consider

  • reflection with parents
  • consonance with the school philosophy
  • the pre-schooler is a sibling of a child or children already attending Square
  • draw
How will you learn if the child is admitted?

The list of admitted pupils will be published at the school entrance and on the website. You will be informed directly and finally we will elaborate a written decision on admission (so that you have it with a round stamp). We will admit 20 children to the 1st grade for the school year 2022/2023.

List of admitted pupils to the first grade for 2022/2023

1A5     1C3     4A2     1A1     1C2     1B3     1A7     1A4     3A1     1B1     2C2     2C8     2A3     3B2     1B6     1B2     1A2     2B5     2B3     3A2

Are you considering a transfer? Try Square for free for a week and compare your experience. 

Currently we have several free spaces in the 5th to 9th grades. Please fill in and submit all necessary data and we will contact you to arrange the free trial week.

  • What grade do you want to try
  • 1st grade
  • 2nd grade
  • 3rd grade
  • 4th grade
  • 5th grade
  • 6th grade
  • 7th grade
  • 8th grade
  • 9th grade

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