Bambíno  & Square friends 

We are a crew of teachers and specialists for whom the education of children means the sense of their life. We have a lot of ideas and we implement them to the full extent. Our educational concept attracts more and more parents and children, so it is natural that we welcome other experts and enthusiasts to our team. Maybe just you. 

We are looking for the best ones 

We love children. We create a real second home for them and references of our clients prove that we manage it greatly. But this is not enough, we continuously work on ourselves to make things even better. So that our brand is a symbol of professionalism, support to children and their development. We are honest, positive and constructively critical to ourselves mutually. If your approach is the same, you can keep your word, you don’t hesitate to make decisions, if you look for ways how it can be done rather than reasons why it cannot be done, if you can receive and provide help, then you will like it with us.

Come make big things for little people together with us!

Our projects


We do not want to change children. Each child is an individuality, so we look for his/her own potential to develop it further. Together we learn, play, conduct experiments, support each other, we like each other. But we together also look for and set boundaries. We are happy about developments of children, smiles and hugs. And while we are developing children, we are developing also ourselves.

Primary school

In Square, we teach mainly through experiences. What children experience here and now will be used by them in the future because it will stay with them. We create a place where “you and me” works together and we create “us”. There is no “here at school” and “over there outside” because when you enjoy learning, there are no boundaries.

Secondary grammar school

We offer a contemporary concept of education to students, bringing them, growing young people, the space for development of their uniqueness. And they are involved in it. The school educational programme is gradually developing during the study and offers a wide range of variability as soon as in the second grade. This allows students to personalise their study based on their individual interests and preconditions.

Whom are we looking for?

What should you have:

  • Experience with children is a benefit, but the zest and interest is more important
  • Knowledge of English at a communicative level (approximately B1)
  • Qualification according to requirements of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport is a plus (completed or ongoing education)
  • Flexibility, responsibility and proactivity is appreciated
  • We welcome your effort to contribute to building of a pleasant work environment

What will you do:

  • Take care of little Bambíno kids and Squarers
  • Implement the educational programme in a playful and creative form
  • Build pleasant, inspiring and creative environment
  • In the secondary grammar school, you will apply your perfect knowledge of your subject as well as entertaining methods of education that will attract inquiring students
  • Communicate with parents about how their children are doing

Whom would we welcome now?

A well-qualified English native speaker to become a big friend for our Bambínos in Vinohrady branch. 
Does it sound like you? Send your CV and a cover letter explaining why you want to join Bambino.

Contact us

Don’t you see the right work position for yourself but you are still willing to work with us? Doesn’t matter, the situation is changing frequently and enthusiasts are always welcome. Send us your CV with a motivation letter and maybe we will think up something. 

Here we are

Základní škola a gymnázium Square s.r.o.
Svatoslavova 333/6
140 00 Praha 4 – Nusle

Mateřská škola Bambíno s.r.o.
České družiny 1671/9
160 00 Praha 6 - Dejvice