Lucie Pivoňková

The most unpopular/least favorite quote from school?
It will definitely be a quote of my Math teacher from high school: „Pivoňko, in order to be different, you completely ruined your handwriting.“ My angle of handwriting changed from right to left…Well, I don’t remember anyone asking me, if the right angle is comfortable for me. By the way, I think that trying to be different is pretty significant for me because my angle of handwriting is still the same :)

What is the most important thing I learned at school?
…that Jan Amos Komensky created Orbis Pictus.

Which famous unpopular food did I like at school?
I just loved UHO and rice pudding…and I still like both. (note: UHO = universal brown sauce)

Zuzka Oulíková

What subjects did I like the best?
It depends on which one was just cancelled or we had a substitute teaching. That is how I scaled the subjects. But on a serious note,I really enjoyed Geography and Music.

Did I like PE?
I used to go to the class, where we had PE on everyday basis. We skipped some subjects like plant growing or workshops but we were able to skip really well :)

What was my favourite snack at school?
The one that my friend Alice brought to school. Everytime when I kept starring at her while eating, she shared a piece with me. And frankly, her mom was the best snack-maker around :)

Tereza Kotas

What kind of magical character did you want to be?
A princess that can do magic.

My favorite book from childhood?
Children’s atlas of the world and any book about dogs – I loved those.

Film on cocoa?

Alena Hauptmanová

What was the funniest quote from a child?
The other day, one boy surprised me (during summer holiday between first and second grade) when he said: „The world is not what it used to be anymore. Today, people only meet on youtube.“

What are little things that bring joy in my life?
I love water. For example, the fountain in the night, drops of water falling on water, and lights of the city reflecting in bubbles. I can watch this forever. Also, waterfalls have the same magnetic power on me.

Music class in elementary school?
I loved music class because our teacher was a complete freak and she played piano perfectly. She loved jazz and The Beatles, so even though it was forbidden at the time, we learned from the best.

Sylvie Stretti

The monster you were scared of when you were little?
A dark monster, and I am 100% sure it lived under our bed.

What did you like to do most during breaks at school?
Talking with friends, playing games, jumping over the jumping elastic mostly with the girls.

Dog or cat?
Of course, dog! That’s why I have two black Labradors.

Tomáš Trnka

The funniest remark I got at school?
They are not naughty, only when they are absent.

Dustman or astronaut?
Definitely dustman. Right after the revolution we found many treasures in garbage bins at car camp. So the answer would be a treasure hunter.

What kind of snacks did I hate at elementary school?
The celery spread. But luckily I got over it, and I am friends with celery now.

Zuzana Sahligerová

Nickname from childhood?
Growing up I didn’t have the „right“ nickname but because I have a good name and I was „Zuzana“ only when I did something wrong (and I don’t like to hear it even today), each group called me something different. For my brother and his friends, I am still Zuzička, for another group I am Žuži. The real nickname I got at Bambino when my colleague Veronika innocently asked „When is Stalingradová coming?“ which didn’t stay without consequences and I am actually glad that it stayed only as „Stali“.

My biggest trouble at school?
I wasn’t a troubled student, so the biggest trouble was in eighth grade, when I told my teacher that she didn’t like children (because she was yelling at us). In high school, me and my friends, who were responsible for displaying boards, prepared a christmas decoration „dinner has been eaten“. „The big“ ones were not really happy about it.

Hamburger or steamed broccoli?
As a lover of meat I refuse to respond. The main thing is, it has to be medium.

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